Mario & Luigi Starlight Island Adventure
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Some attributes
First a smw hack
Second made in 2012
Third play as luigi in smw hack
Other attributes
Mario & Luigi Starlight Island Adventure(マリオ&ルイージスターアイランドアドベンチャー)in Japan

is a SMW Hack made by Gamma V in 2012


Mario and Luigi Just can,t Seem to take a break!

Mario With The Message

During a Vacation On Starlight Island, Princess

Peach Has gone missing Again!


Mario Or Luigi Trevel Around Starlight Island To Find Peach

However The Gameplay same as SMB3 But You can play As Mario or Luigi
Luigi in world 1-3

luigi in World 1-3

Dragon Coins Return As Well, The goal Are Green block And The Fireballs are Flying.



Character Name Description Image

The Hero is back with a New

Adventure To Finding Peach 

Mario 1
Luigi The Green Bro Is Back to help his Bro again
Luigi 1


Name Description Image

the princess is missing Again

mario and luigi must save her Again

Peach 1


World 1 a Green World Called Peace Plains near the beach It,s Has 5 levels

World 2 a Desert World Called Parch Plateau It,s Have Secret Exit 8 Levels One Of Them is a Pyramid

World 3 a Cave World Called Crysteal Caverns Inside a Mountain it Has 4 Levels

World 4 a Giant World Called Macro Mountain It,s At the top of the Mountain it Has 8 Levels One Of Them is Maxwel,s Bridge

World 5 a Forest World Called Fungus Forest It,s under the Mountain It,s Has 5 Levels

World 6 a Ice World Called Snowy Summit It,s at The top of World 5-Castle It,s Has 6 Levels

World 7 a Temple Called Tidal Temples It,s World Inside World 6 It,s Has 5 Levels

World 8 a Lava World Called Koopa Kove It,s The Last World It,s Inside a Pipe in World 7 It,s Has 4 Levels And Credits


Mario And Luigi,s Adventure is Over Together
M&LSLIA Ending

The Ending

With Peach They Discuss Plans To Take

a Trip To The Distant Kola Kingdoom 


For All Of The Enemies See Mario & Luigi Starlight Island Adventure\Enemies


Name How To Defeat Image

Avoid Iggy,s Fire Balls Just

Jump at Him 3 Times

Iggy 1
Achmed Throw The Bombs Back at Achmed 3 Times
Achmed 1

Avoid Ludwig,s Notes And

Jump At Him 4 Times

Ludwig 1

Avoid The Red Balls And Throw

The Green Ones At Lemmy 4 Times

Lemmy 1

Jump At Marton 4 Times

And Avoid His Attacks

Morton 1
Maxwell Avoid The Hammers And Hit Him 3 Times      No Artwork 


When Roy Come Back

Jump At Him Re do This 4 Times

Roy 1
Heavy B

Avoid The Boos And Get The

Block And Throw It at Heavy B 3 Times

Heavy B

Avoid The Rings And Shoot Egg

At Her 3 Times

Wendy 1
Larry Avoid All His Attacks But Some Times Blocks Shows From The Attacks So You Must Grab Them And Throw Them At Larry 5 Times
Larry 1
Mecha-Bowser Pass Him And Press The P-Switch
Mecha-Bowser 1
Bowser Avoid Bowser,s Attacks And Jump At Bowser 5 Times
Bowser 1


Name Controls Image
Super Mushroom Basic
Super Mushroom 1
Fire Flower Run Button\Shoot Fireball
Fire Flower 1
Cape Feather

Run Button\Spin The Cape

Hold Run Button\Flying

Left\Right\Go Faster When In The Air

Cape Feather 1

More Coming Soon...